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A pioneer in the ventilation industry since 1948, Ventamatic, Ltd. manufactures high quality air delivery and air movement products for the residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural markets. MaxxAir BF42BDRED BF42BD High Velocity 2-Speed Belt Drive Drum, Heavy Duty Potable Barrel Fan, 42-Inches, 10,000 CFM, Red.

Find MaxxAir Pro Series 30 in. Direct Drive Drum Fan, BF30DD TSC in the Barrel, Drum & Industrial Fans category at Tractor Supply Co.The MaxxAir.

The MaxxAir PRO 42 in. drum fan is an excellent choice to circulate stale air in a warehouse or factory, and can also be used as a spot cooler to keep workers cool and comfortable.</plaintext> Your review: My home was flooded with 4 feet of water in Hurricane Harvey. I desperately needed fans to help dry out the home's interior. I purchased 4 of the MaxxAir 42" belt driven fans, and have had them running 8 hours a day for almost 3 weeks already, and they really do the job extremely well. MaxxAir Replacement Fan Parts MaxxAir Replacement Fan Parts Provide Cost Effective Equipment for Fan Maintenance and Repair. Parts include multiple fan blades available in steel or aluminum for reliable service. Additional parts include replacement motors, switches, and grills for. The 30 in. pedestal fan's motor powers 3 The 30 in. pedestal fan's motor powers 3 metal fan blades to provide economical cooling and air circulation for all environments including warehouses factories offices kitchens and more. These portable fans have a 360 pivot-action fan head that allows vertical airflow adjustments and a tool free hand.</p> <p>2-speed toggle switch for MaxxAir barrel fans. Are You Troubleshooting this Unit? Check out our KnowledgeBase with helpful tips, tricks, and articles to answer any questions you may have. The MaxxAir 60 in, 2-Speed Drum Fan is a versatile large-volume air mover. Perfect for factories, warehouses, and other large areas in need of increased airflow, this rugged, power-packed air circulator is the perfect solution and boasts a durable steel housing for a long-lasting use. The Maxx Air 42 in. 2-Speed Portable Barrel Fan moves large volumes of hot air quickly and efficiently to keep people and machines cooled off indoors on the factory.</p> <p>Fan drum came damaged in several areas. Concaved indents. That causes it to vibrate due to not rotating balance with the drum and the blades. NOT PLEASE with whom ever packed it. Try packing yourself in that type of box, ship yourself and check your bruise, dent in head and broken bones. 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